Wednesday, August 13, 2008
A very popular "all you can stomach" soup and salad bar charges $2.45 for a drink! $2.45!! We will call this place Soupa Plantationa to protect their good reputation. This it is not an alcoholic beverage for $2.45 but a soda or tea! I can get a bottle of not that great but doable in a pinch wine at Trader Joe's for $ all know the brand I'm talking about...but Soupa Plantationa charged me over $10 for basically cafeteria food! What's more, they don't even give you a AAA discount anymore!
I was lured to this restaurant/cafeteria by a coupon that only saved me fifty cents. I could save that by saying no when my kids want a gum ball at the grocery store. Without the coupon I would have paid about $11 for what they consider a meal.
Instead of a coupon for fifty cents I need a coupon for common sense!
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