Tuesday, June 30, 2009
When I ask the boys in the house (that includes my husband) to clean, it is my belief they intentionally do a horrible job so I don't bother asking them to do it again.

I might buy gallons of that Nivea cellulite cream and roll around in it. I really hope it works like the commercial says cuz that chick is totally skinny!

I've been working out for like 4 months now and I haven't lost a pound (a pound that I didn't put right back on anyway). My brain likes my body this size and it's driving me crazy. I know I'm getting healthier but lets be honest...I work out to get skinny not healthy! Anyone who says different is a liar!

One time I realized that every magazine I owned (we're talking 6 or 7) had a caption on the front page about losing 10 pounds in a week, ten days etc... That's when I knew I had a weight loss obsession.

I have 2 aunts that have had plastic surgery in the last month. I have 1 rule...

You can't tell me how you FINALLY feel good about your self when you told me my ENTIRE childhood looks aren't what matter but it's "what's on the inside that counts".

I have no issues with plastic surgery. I've lived my ENTIRE adult life with a stomach that looks like a plate of lasagna and would LOVE to drop $4k on a tummy tuck, but I'm not going to say my life has been miserable and now I finally have a reason to live! Gimme a break!

I am in love with a new country son called "She's Rockin The Beer Gut". Most songs are about skinny chicks and it's nice to be reminded there are still some chubby chasers left in the world...and they write songs about their dream girl.
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Friday, June 26, 2009
With 2 kids in All-Stars, one of which is also in high school baseball camp, it's hard to find the time for just the two of us.
On Thursday nights Jagger has practice from 6-8 at Mile Square Park.
For the last couple weeks Josh and I have made Thursday night "Date Night".
Last night, our "quality time" alone together consisted of walking the isles of Sam's Club sampling beef AND turkey jerky (nothings too good for my baby!) and sipping samples of a geriatric vitamin juice.
We ended our lovely evening by filling our gas tank in preparation for the weekend baseball schedule and a romantic little sit down dinner at Jack In The Box where I got that stupid mini sirloin burger song stuck in my head the rest of the night.
I sipped my cocktail (half lemonade half sprite) and gazed into my honey's eyes and he downed a chicken fajita pita in record time. Then his deep voice whispered "You gunna eat that?" sending chills down my spine.
Ahhhhh True Love!
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Monday, June 22, 2009
Jag had 2 all-star games Sunday at 12 & 2.
It was hot, I was sweaty and I hear the faint sound of ice cream truck chimes in the distance.
As I approach the truck full of cold sweet goodness I realize the tune ringing from the truck is Silent Night!
I had prepared myself for the ice cream man who was probably on probation reeking of alcohol with maybe 3 teeth in his mouth but Christmas music?
If the guy is that backwards, he's probably selling gluten free cookes and baby carrots outa that truck!
I don't even know if I spelled gluten free correctly! I'm sure gluten is bad for you so I probably LOVE it just like I love fat on steak so I have never had a reason to read or spell gluten!
I know I'm going off on a tangent but I just realized I love gluten and I don't even know what gluten is!
My gluten levels are probably low thus causing the insane usage of the exclemation point in this blog!!!
As for crazy Christmas ice cream man passing off rice cakes in a waffle cone as a treat, the Survival Insurance guy said it best...
"I Can't Take That Ride"
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Monday, June 15, 2009
When I wake up the boys in the morning I open Stephen's door and with the sweetest voice possible "Time to get up honey". If Stephen doesn't get up I go back and remind him in that same soft sweet voice.

When I wake Jag up I sit next to him and give him kisses on his sweet little sleeping face. He almost always greets me with a big yawn, stretching, a fart and a giggle. Then he asks me to cuddle for a minute which is my favorite time of the morning.

Josh on the other had, throws open the door to each of their rooms and and yells "Time to get up son!"

He almost always has to go back with a reminder just like I do but his are "Don't make me come in here again" and my personal favorite "That's it! You're going to bed early tonight!"

The boys usually get out of bed in the same amount of time using either method but I get the kissy sweet time first thing in the morning which Josh doesn't get to enjoy.

I also get the fart.

I guess there is a method to Josh's madness after all.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Stephen's graduation party we will serve nothing but Cactus Cooler. In fact the entire color scheme/theme of the party is Cactus Cooler.
Cactus Cooler is quite possibly the best carbonated citrus beverage on the planet.
We'll have water available for diabetic attendees that require a sugar free option.
Brittany Saichek is making Cactus Cooler inspired cup cakes which are sure to be the bomb diggity!
For those of you who have not enjoyed this refreshing beverage I suggest you start living and drink Cactus Cooler.
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Monday, June 8, 2009
Jagger is an all-star and there are many duties which require help from parents.
When the manager of the team asked if anyone would be interested in becoming the business manager, Josh jumped at the chance.
Truth be told Josh loves helping out with the team. Even though this coaching season was not what he had hoped for, he still has the itch to coach and be part of the team in whatever way he can.
The manager appointed Josh as the business manager and I debated about getting some business cards made to read "Executive V.P. of Business Operations for the Shetland A All-Star Team 2009". After much joking about the "title" I asked the question "what does the Business Manager do?"
"I would be in charge of collecting money, forms etc."
To which I replied "DUDE! You're the TEAM MOM!"
That didn't go over so well...
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My beloved Keurig coffee pot was on the fritz.

The day after the disaster Josh brought me coffee on the way home from work. The next day I tried to tough it out but I was miserable until I got to work and sipped my first cup of the day.

I googled a fix, I called the manufacturer and they told me to call back between 8 & 5 EASTERN time because the gentleman I was speaking with wasn't "qualified" to offer a solution. The ever so generous Mr. Kenny Burg came over and helped me take it apart only to find there are a million screws that mean nothing.

Now I have 1 left over screw which means either they used too many and are wasteful or something will fall apart shortly.

Finally this morning at 5:30 I woke up and decided to call the manufacturer to see if they could help. It was 8:30 on the east coast so I was hopeful I could get a cup of coffee by 6:30 A.M.

I was transferred to 2 different people until finally an "advanced" technician diagnosed the problem.

The high tech solution.....

Stick a toothpick in the hole of the spout.

It worked

Thank you oh glorious advanced Keurig technician, for you have saved my life with only a toothpick!

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Monday, June 1, 2009
I haven't blogged in a while and I have been scolded by many for slacking off.
My family went to Salem Oregon to visit our favorite place in the world and visit family we miss so much.
First we stopped in Astoria and literally slept under a bridge (o.k. it was actually a Holiday Inn Express below a bridge)
Josh's dad has twin foster kids who are 4 named Jade and Jace (a boy and a girl).
They were so cute and extremely well behaved. Little Jace loved hanging out with Jag and Stephen or "the big boys" as he called them.
We all walked down to the docs to watch the seals lay in the sun and bark at us.
By the end of the day Jag and Stephen were begging us to keep them as if they were puppies, and we probably would have kept them if we could.

Jagger had open house at school and there was a little book he wrote called "All About Jagger".
Jagger is a great little writer with exceptional penmanship but he "embellishes" slightly.

His book included things like
  1. I'm a great swimmer (He actually hated to be in any kind of water until last year and he gets extremely frustrated because he doesn't swim well)
  2. We have a huge plasma T.V. (Both t.v.'s in our house are probably about 100 years old. One of them was used and cost $20)
  3. I used to sleep with my mom but not anymore (Josh works nights and Jagger ALWAYS sleeps with me. It's all part of my evacuation plan. In case of a fire it would be much easier to grab the kid next to you first then find the other one instead of having to hunt down both kids in thick black smoke.)

Both boys are on all-stars so we are now forking out tons of cash, going to tons of games all over California. Jagger is telling everyone that he's going to play in different countries like Anaheim. It's hard to explain to a kid that Anaheim is in America when most of the signs are in Spanish.

Josh has missed his co-coach a lot now that the regular baseball season is over. They used to sit at the pizza parties and scout the other kids in the room to prepare the draft strategy for next year. I warned them it might not be a good idea to sit at a pizza parlor and talk about little boys all night but they never listen to me.

That's the short version of the events of late.

I'll keep you posed :)

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