Wednesday, January 20, 2010
I came across an article that talked about the musical Annie coming to the O.C. Performing Arts Center. I loved Annie as a kid. I knew all the songs by heart and I thought Jagger would like the story too so I began to tell him all about Annie.
I started by explaining how Annie was an orphan.
Me: Do you know what an orphan is Jag?
Jag: Yeah, It's an African American kid in Haiti right?
Me: (with a look of utter SHOCK on my face) No Jag, It's a child that doesn't have a mommy or a daddy. (Then I immediately think about blogging about it).
Sometimes kids know more than you think.
Sometimes kids don't know as much as you think they do.
Either way, the parents always looks stupid (and sometimes racist) in the end.
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Monday, January 4, 2010
So begins a new year, new resolutions and new ideas on how to cheat your way through accomplishing those resolutions.
Josh and I have come to the conclusion that I am done birthing children which means Snippity Doo Dah for Josh (What a trooper). If I want another baby I'll go adopt one. Besides, I have a white kid, brown kid and I'm thinking I would go for another color this time. The family from the new move The Blind Side had the right idea. Adopt a good underprivileged kid who is almost grown then he becomes a rich football player.
So back to the nitty that I am certain my body won't endure any further mutilation at the hands of infants, I am contemplating plastic surgery (GASP!)
I got pregnant with Stephen at 17 which means I have lived my entire adult life with a stomach that looks straight out of a horror movie. It's fascinating to me how much I love billowing white creamy filling bursting from an Oreo but the creamy white filling busting out of my jeans makes me want to vomit!
So this year I will lose 10 pounds, save $5,000, save up 2 weeks of vacation time then get my tummy tucked.
Next year I will adopt my almost grown/almost a rich athlete child, make a move, appear on ESPN like a thousand times and walk up with Ashley Judd to accept the Oscar for playing me so well in the movie about me.
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