Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Yesterday I went to court.

I know you all are picturing me in an orange suite picking up trash by the freeway but I'm not really that exciting. I went to family court.

Family court sounds like there should be balloon artists, clowns and cotton candy doesn't it?


Children are not allowed in the court room, the walls are painted a drab gray, there is a man named Commissioner So-N-So sitting behind a large bench in a long black robe similar to the grim reaper. The atmosphere is a cold reminder of your failed marriage and broken family.

People often tell me I don't look old enough to have a 14 year old son. That's because I'm not. I got pregnant at 17. Yes, I was one of the many American teenagers that made up the teen pregnancy statistic in 1994. The Bristol Palin of my family you could say. I knew better but did it anyway.

After bitter fighting, many wasted hours in court, and thousands of dollars given to attorneys, Stephen's bio father quit contacting him all together when Stephen was 5. He made a half hearted attempt about 5 years ago but Stephen told him that he already has a dad (My husband Josh) that loves him and takes care of him. I know Stephen stuck it to him because he didn't want to get his hopes up only to be abandoned again.

Fast forward to yesterday at court. The D.A.'s office wanted to reevaluate the case since my order was about 10 years old. We go through exemptions, income/expenses etc.

I found out that Stephen has 3 half sisters and 1 half brother only one of which he has ever seen before. That makes Stephen 1 of 7 children total. I know what you're sounds kinda ghetto. 1 of 7 sounds like master plan to become a welfare millionaire! That's what Stephen thought too so don't feel bad.

I came to realize all these years later that I still suffer the consequences of my poor choices. I tell Stephen the names and ages of his half siblings and sort of introduce him to this whole other family he knows absolutely nothing about. It's surreal.

The Mandy at 17 though we would live happily ever after and the Mandy at 32 is glad we didn't.

I hope my poor choices can help someone else make better choices in their own life.

God gives us a road map to guide us but the freedom to make our own decisions. He forgives us when we make the wrong decisions but he never said you wouldn't suffer the consequences for your disobedience and there is no time limit on your suffering either.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am looking though our family Christmas pictures and I realized it was a Hurley Christmas.

Don't go thinkin I'm droppin serious cash on my kids...I love them way too much to spoil them like that (you can use that line on your kids too if neccessary).

We hit the Hurley warehouse sale this year after a tip from my little brother.

$20 t-shirts were $10, $50-$75 sweatshirts were $25.

We really fooled those kids this year (I am now laughing in the infamous wicked witch of the west laugh).
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Monday, December 29, 2008
This Christmas the kids got Guitar Hero World Tour. We all love the game and I usually find a chore for the kids to do so Josh and I can play.
Much to my dismay, the high hat on the drums stopped working. I was only scoring like 55% because most of the songs on the beginner mode require the high hat! I was mad but I couldn't exchange it until the Christmas crazies weren't out shopping and returning anymore.
As our drum set sat behind a chair in the family room, we all became more and more frustrated. We all took turns looking around trying to see if there was some way we could make this thing work.
None of us as frustrated as Jagger. He got mad and lifted the high hat until it snapped off!
The long arm of the law pointed to his room where he was doomed to remain for days if I had my way. I walked back there with guns a blazin and made sure that he had the fear of God in his eyes by the time I left his room.
After about 30 minutes he was out on parole for good behavior. He walked up to me with tears in his eyes and said "Mom, go to my room. There is a note in there for you".
I walked in and saw the note which read, and these are the EXACT words on the note by the way..."sorry mom hears 5 bucks".
I saw the $5 bill laying on the floor below his letter. I know how much $5 is to a 6 year old and I was happy he was trying to repay me for what he had broken. I couldn't decide weather to laugh or cry to be honest.
I am in the process of finding a Best Buy that still has a Guitar Hero World Tour available so I can exchange mine.
The Wright family will be rocking out once again very soon!
By the way...I kept the $5 bucks. He's not getting off that easy!
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Christmas season was not the norm to say the least.
My grandmother passed away on the 17th and we were so preoccupied with her final days and funeral arrangements that Christmas was the last thing on my mind.

Our Christmas Eve service was just what I needed to get me focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
After the service Josh, the boys, mom and I headed to Apple Valley to celebrate Christmas with our family.
The drive was long and the Christmas music was blasting.

I turned to the back seat to ask Jagger if he knew why we celebrate Christmas. He replied "Because we're not Jewish!" True, but not the answer I was looking for. It did however give us all a good laugh.
My cousin called me on the way up to the high desert and asked if we would all want to go caroling at the assisted living center and Alzheimer's center in Victorville. Without hesitation we all said YES!
At 10:30 on Christmas morning about 20 of us, including 6 kids under the age of 7, gathered to sing for the residents at The Stirling Inn. My aunt and uncle were dressed in full Santa & Mrs. Claus attire and took pictures with the residents.
Many of the residents don't see
family at all for Christmas so we became their adopted family.
The Alzheimer's center was much more emotional for all of us. As we walked in there were 2 women coloring pictures of stockings and candy canes. You could see that they had all received a gift from the staff at the center which had been stuffed in a toilet paper roll and wrapped in paper with ties at each end. I remember giving gifts like that to my mom when I was in grade school yet these were grown adults and this was the extent of their Christmas gifts.
We sang to them and their faces lit up when they saw Santa walk in.
One woman asked if she could come with me to where ever I was going. Another asked my cousin what day it was. When she realized it was Christmas, she asked if her daughter was coming. Neither of us knew what to say.

On the way home Stephen told me that it was the best part of Christmas to make someone so happy by just singing a few songs. Stephen has such a tender heart for a 14 year old boy. He makes me proud every single day because of how kind he is to others.
Our intent was to bless those less fortunate but we were the ones who were blessed beyond measure.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My mom grew up a tom boy and at the age of 17 she moved to L.A. with her twin brother Bill. My tom boy mother decided to follow my Uncle Bill to L.A. and go to, of all things, fashion school at F.I.D.M.

She had no plans of becoming the first 5'4" super model. She didn't attend fashion school because of her ability to think up amazing new fashion trends. No! My mom went to fashion school to get out of Barstow California. Can you honestly blame her? Barstow in the 70's was like...well...Barstow in 2008.

My mom did not graduate from fashion school but she did take away enough education to become a buyer and she learned take fashion risks.

Mom's willingness to try new things has been inspirational to many, including but not limited to the great 80's group Salt & Pepa (please note the hair style she is proudly sporting).
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
I have slacked on the blogs this week. Not because I don't love all of you but because Jagger has not been well.

I'll start by telling you that Jag throws up a lot.

Jag threw up over the weekend due to what I can only assume was the cookie binge he had over the weekend. I was busy with Stephen's birthday celebration and I didn't monitor how much he had been eating.

Sunday night Jag had stomach pains. He's only 6 so he doesn't explain the symptoms very well. I wasn't sure if it was cramping or nausea etc. Monday Josh took him to the doctor and a tummy x-ray was ordered. They wanted a stool sample and Jag was put on a lactose free diet. Jag hates his this diet and I am now realizing our family has a severe dependence on cheese.

Jag got his x-ray yesterday and we found he has a history of constipation. WHAT???
My boys are at an age where I am free from having to see their poop. Now my poor kid is on a daily laxative regimen like an 80 year old woman and I'm forced to check his poop. This is probably part of our cheese dependence too! GRRR

The only good that came out of it is the additional punishment option available.

If Stephen's teacher calls saying he won't listen in class then Stephen gets to collect the stool sample. It's my version of "Spare the rod, spoil the child" taken to a H.N.L. (Hole Nuthah Level). I am expanding on my long time "Rob A Bank With A Booger" theory. The theory is you can rob a bank with a booger because most people would do anything to keep you from wiping a booger on them. It's safer than a gun yet just as effective.
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Saturday, December 13, 2008
This is what happens when you let you let your son have his friends over for a birthday sleepover. 8 boys ranging from 13-16 spooning on your living room floor. The poor kid on the couch didn't even get a blanket. UGH Boys....

There are a few reasons I allowed this to happen.
  1. Stephen turns 14 today (ouch for me...Yay for Steve-O!)
  2. Josh turns 33 today (yes they share their birthday and yes I but them matching presents).
  3. Since Stephen shares his birthday with his dad and his birthday is close to Christmas, It's hard to get a lot of family together this time of year to celebrate.
I always know each year that there are work parties to attend, shopping to do and there won't be one weekend in December that works for everyone. Stephen's friends however have all the time in the world so this year I let more boys spend the night than ever.
They all made lots of noise then they crashed around 2 A.M....After I come out yelling "I HAVE ALL YOUR HOME PHONE NUMBERS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!" of course. After that I could hear an occasional fart followed by a chuckle but at least I could sleep through that.

What do you get from your friends on your 14th birthday you ask???
  1. A guinea pig named Hector (not joking either). Hector lives in a box and now I have to buy a cage. Stephen's friends couldn't afford both I guess.
  2. Skateboard wheels, trucks and bearings for which you have no deck to put them on.
  3. Cash. Hopefully enough cash to complete the skateboard project.
Any tips on how to get the guinea pig/teenage boy stench out of the house?
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

There are things in life that happen to people around you and you think "That would never happen to me!"
I try to be a good person and do the right thing. I drop change into the guitar cases of street performers, I say please and thank you, I do unto others, pray for the troops and shop at Habitat For Humanity Restore (the proceeds to toward Habitat for Humanity).
To spite all my good deeds it still happened.....I LOST ALL MY CELL PHONE CONTACTS!!!!
The humiliation of looking in your address book and seeing NOTHING is almost unbearable. I feel as if I have no friends, no family, nobody to call...ever.
This experience has helped me to realize that we no longer live in the days where you memorized your friends phone numbers. I realize that I have been calling people for many years and I have no idea what area code their phone is in.
I have a friend in Victorville which is clearly a 760 area code and just now I am finding out that her cell number has a 323 area code which is L.A. County. What kind of world do we live in where a 760'er or a 909'er can have a 323 or 714 number? I feel partly to blame. I did drop the 909 jokes when ever I could once I moved to the O.C. I wore my 714 number like a badge of honor. My purple heart earned by making it out of the I.E. with all my teeth and only 1 child.
I had to wonder, had my mockery cause people of California to assume false area codes in an attempt to convey a different image of themselves? Is this why the 909 came out with a 951 area code? This is all coming together now! I am ashamed of myself!
I beg of you my friends, stop the 909 jokes, I.E. jokes and other logistically motivated mockery before we run out of area code combinations in this great land.
And please, give me your phone numbers to replenish my contact list. I promise I will not mock your area code or question your intentions when your area code does not match your primary residence area code.
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Monday, December 8, 2008
My sister-in-law got married a couple of years ago. Jagger was the ring bearer and Allie was the flower girl which is the dream job of all dream jobs when you're 5.

I was a brides maid in the wedding and it was hard to fight back the tears as I watched the two walk up the isle together toward me holding hands. Jagger in his black tuxedo and Allie in her white gown were picture perfect and I was the proudest mom/step-mom you've ever seen...

My tears of joy turn to uncontrollable laughter as the unthinkable happens right before my eyes...

Notice the cute little children walking up the steps in our 1st photo. We will call this "Exhibit A". Jagger is covering his face with the ring bearer pillow because he is embarrassed by everyone giggling at how cute they are. Now because Jag is covering his eyes he steps on his sisters dress which enrages Allie because after all, this is her shining moment as a flower girl. The poor groom tries in vein to help them up the steps. The crowd begins to laugh as Jagger trips both
himself and his sister. So what does Jagger do???

Notice our 2nd picture of a pillow sitting alone on a step. We will call this photo "Exhibit B". In a fit of rage, Jagger walks to his place and stand where he knows he's supposed to be. Jagger then hurls the pillow toward the crowd and sits Indian style on the stage for the rest of the ceremony.

My sister-in-law should have known better.
Only 10 months prior Jagger was in another wedding where he had diarrhea in his white tuxedo right after the ceremony and before the wedding photos were taken.

I know some of you may think I'm making this stuff up which is why I must now provide pictures to corroborate my stories.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Jagger is my little cuddle bear and quite possible the best cuddler in the world.

This morning at about 6 AM Jag gets up, goes to the bathroom, then crawls in bed with me and cuddles as close as he possible can.

In his quiet sleepy voices Jag says
"What baby" I reply
"Don't breath ok!"

There went that sweet moment!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen of blogger world USA, I have once again been given a stack of $15 Starbucks gift cards to give to anyone who calls me for a personal insurance quote.

This offer includes, but is not limited to Auto, Home, Boat, Motorcycle & Motorhome quotes...The list goes on and on!

The only thing missing from this post is Cal Worthington and his dog Spot!

Call my office at 714.824.8361

Hurry! This offer expires December 17th!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Music can really set a mood.

I listen to J.T. and Madonna if I am working out. I play Christmas music when I decorate. I play '80's tunes when I feel like dancing or having a good time with friends & I play country when I want that warm and fuzzy, fried chicken down home feeling.

Last night I discovered Stephen has put a twist on the idea of "mood music". He grabbed his ipod on the way to the bathroom. I asked why he needed to listen to music in the bathroom because, let's face's kinda weird.

He said he's going to listen to Even Flow by Pearl Jam. His reasoning was as follows;
"What goes into the ears will travel to the mind. What is in the mind will travel through the body. All I want while in the bathroom is "Even Flow". Not too hard and not too soft."

Where exactly did I go wrong?
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Monday, December 1, 2008

This morning my phone rang at about 7:30. It was my little brother who was waiting outside asking if he could come in.

He stores some of his classroom stuff at my house. I guess there was an urgent matter that could only be resolved with something he had piled up in my garage.

I was was without a bra, wet hair and only one eyebrow had been painted on.

I bet he won't be stopping by that early anymore.

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