Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stephen is 14 so thus the funky 80's checkered Vans inspired headboard.
We had fun creating something "custom" on the cheap.
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As some of you may know, I have been in project mode lately and you have kindly asked to see pictures.
Well here goes...
I painted my kitchen a "Nutmeg" color with a partially used gallon of paint found at Habitat for Humanity Restore.
I have a little bar the kids eat at which didn't really match once I painted the walls so I chipped out the old tile and found moseic tiles at Habitat for Humanity for $1 per square foot making the total cost for paint, supplies and tile $17!



It kinda has a retro 70's funky vibe which is what I was going for.
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I took Friday off because Jag was sick. He stayed home from school with me (against his will...Why would a school give an attendance award if they don't want sick kids to come to school??? Just askin!) Jag was much better by the afternoon which meant my day was part good mommy snuggle time and part cleaning maniac.
I decided to tackle the car...
We have 2 cars but we pretty much only drive our small car because Josh works the night shift so when he gets home from work in the morning I drive that car to work. Our other car is a GAS HOG too so as a result our "little car" is used and abused.
Jag helped me change the burned out tail light because Jag, much like his mother, takes every opportunity he can to break out the tool belt.
Jag, being the little helper he is also volunteered to vacuum for me while I tried to figure out what the heck was in the bottom of the cup holders in the car . Jag "compact" and can get into those tight spaces easier than I could so he was hired to vacuum.
When I opened the back seat I was mortified! I never look in the back seat, never sit in the back seat, and I try to forget the back seat even exists.
At work we go to a Mexican restaurant every Thursday and I usually drive the 4 of us there.
I can't believe my co-workers volunteered to sit in that filth! I can't believe they ASK ME to drive not knowing what may lurk within my back seat this week!
I paid Jag $5 for doing such a good job vacuuming and later found out he had gathered about $3 in change he found in the car while helping. $8 isn't bad for a 6 year old in this tough economy. He might want to think about keeping this gig.
So now I want to take this moment to issue a public apology to all who have ridden in, sat or thought about sitting in my back seat. I seriously had no idea it was that bad.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I was at Ikea with my mom today using one of those self check out machines.
I have to commend Ikea on their customer service. Not unlike most stores, Ikea has a system designed to help you out if you have a problem with your self check out machine. The light at the top of the station flashes red, but unlike the competition with the same technology the Ikea people rush to your assistance.
Today my light flashed red today (as usual) and the nice Ikea lady rush over to help me fix the problem.
As she rushed over she gave me this look like "Oh my gosh you farted!!"
I didn't appreciate the look she gave me so I gave her a weird look back.
Yes, I may have farted in line at Ikea but I sure didn't need her look of contempt!
How was I to know she would rush over so fast?
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Monday, February 23, 2009
Just so you know...
When you spend a night out with your girlfriends your husband is always invisioning half naked chicks pillow fighting.
One might be offended by that, however I take it as a compliment because that means my friends and I are all hot enough to actually pull that kind of thing off.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Jagger had baseball practice yesterday then we all headed to pick up uniforms for the team at about 6 followed by a white trash steak dinner at Sizzler.
When I was pregnant with Stephen, I had a Malibu Chicken addiction and every so often I crave it again only to realize that thethings you crave when you are pregnant usually don't taste that great after you have the baby.
Jag was downing his steak then cleaning off Josh and Stephen's salad bar plates as fast as he could.
We came home, watched a little American Idol and Jag chugged a huge bottle of Gatorade. I kept telling him to stop drinking so much because I KNEW it would be a bad night if he didn't stop.
It never fails!
Josh leaves for work at around 9 PM then the Jagger Puke Fest begins around 10 PM (I tried to find "Rocky Horror Picture Show" font for this post but I guess it is called something different in word).
I pride myself on being a step ahead of my boys so after Jag fell asleep I put a water proof mat under his head "just in case". As I lay his head back down on the pillow and he sits up wondering what the heck is going on. Jag often gets a crazy/disoriented look about him when you move him in his sleep or try to wake him up. I didn't think much of it so I laid him back down on the mat.
Seconds later he sits up and I know it's coming...I grab him up off the bed and I am instantly showered in PUKE! Somehow I refrained from throwing Jagger across the room and running like a teenage girl in a Friday The 13th movie.
I take Jag into the bathroom where he showers it with chunks of steak (which I found he doesn't chew properly), french fries and Gatorade. The only spot that escaped the spew fest was the inside of the toilet.
I start the shower, throw Jag in and as any loving mother would do, tell him "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DRINK ALL THAT GATORADE!"
I curse my way down the hall to get a mop wondering how the heck Josh manages to escape these situations.
For a while I weighed the pros and cons of moving vs. cleaning the bathroom...I cried...cursed some more...then contemplated calling in sick the next morning (which I didn't because I would feel guilty).
Until the wee hours of the morning I slept on pins and needles worried that every sound was Jag puking again.
I have no choice but to feed that kid chicken broth and jello until he's able to keep his food down or clean up his own puke.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
So in my previous post I discussed the "flower dilemma".
Josh read the loving and inspirational comments left by my good friends, he confessed that everything I said was true.
My husband is slowly beginning to realize that anything he says or does may be heard by many in my blog.
We had a great Valentines Day with the kids at Dave & Busters.
Thanks to the economy there are great deals to be had in the family entertainment world.
We each got a $16 dinner at D&B that included a $10 game card with each meal!
Josh and I planned our romantic little Valentines celebration on Sunday to avoid the crowds. We exchanged pet names such as "fart nocker" and "butt wad" over dinner because that's how we roll.
I sipped wine while Josh drank something pink (that always cracks me up).
We often try the "romantic dinner" thing then we realize we are bored to tears and we belong in a sports bar eating hot wings, not a fine dining establishment.
Sunday morning I went to church while Josh went to see Alley in an ice skating competition (Alley won 2nd place YAY!).
On the way home from the competition Josh called to let me know that Calla Lilies are SEASONAL...He had driven to a MILLION different florists to find them and they all LAUGHED AT HIM! He REALLY tried to get me my FAVORITE FLOWERS but The ONLY flowers he could find were CARNATIONS and DASIES and he sure won't buy those now that he knows they are CHEAP CRAP!
What a trooper!
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Valentines Day (or V.D. as I like to call it hehehe) is coming quick...Saturday Feb 14th to be exact.
While flipping though the latest grocery store ads, I pointed out a great deal on roses.
WOW! $10 for a dozen red roses. "It must be a Valentines Day special"(wink wink).
I like a good laugh every now and then so I ask Josh (hubby of 7 years friend for 20 years who should know this crap by now) "What is my favorite flower??"
The look of terror washed the color from Josh's face. I loved it!
I decided to throw the poor guy a bone and drop a hint. "Usually a woman's favorite flower was in her wedding bouquet...". He gave me a weird look and explained that the only flower names he knows are roses (everybody knows roses!) daisies and carnations.
It was at that very moment I realized, besides the worlds most common flowers my husband only knows the cheap crap flowers. GREAT!
After a few m0re minutes of concentration I could see the light bulb go off in Josh's head.
"GARGANCHUAS!" he shouts as if he just won the lotto.
"What the heck is a garganchua? Do you mean HYDRANGEA?" I ask.
"Oh yeah, I knew it was something like that" was his reply.
Long story short, the only flowers Josh could kinda remember were at the cake table. Why am I not surprised?
I drag him back to our vanity where I have a vase with 2 silk calla lilies in it.
"This is my favorite flower Josh."
"What the heck is that ugly thing?"
"It's a calla lily honey"
"Oh, I don't remember seeing those at our wedding"
"Um, you had one pinned to your jacket the entire night."

I knew this conversation would be funny which is why I asked the question in the first place.

I can't wait for my bouquet of carnations and dasies this year.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
We all have those days when we stop by Starbucks for a strong cup of java then about an hour later while at work you have to "make your mark" in the office bathroom.
Do you ever think...maybe I should bring a pair of bathroom shoes.
What are "bathroom shoes" you ask???
Bathroom shoes are shoes you bring in the bathroom for the sole purpose of concealing your identity.
If you change into your "bathroom shoes" nobody ever has to know who blew up the bathroom.
This idea originated in the mid 80's when I was the Heads Up 7 Up champion of Thompson Elementary School in beautiful Barstow California. As I type this Barstow is underlined in red. I guess spell check doesn't even recognize Barstow as a city.
Anyway...I would play this competitive rainy day recess game in my socks then quickly put my shoes back on right before the teacher called "Heads Up 7 Up!"
Move over Sham Wow! There's a new infomercial in town!

Bathroom Shoes (not available in half sizes)
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Thursday, February 5, 2009
During dinner last night the family was discussing frustration over something meaningless (I can't even remember what it was, that's how meaningless it was).

Jag puts his head in his had and says "Oy Vay!

I give him a funny look, not expecting to hear him say that.

Jag looks at me and says "Oy Vay is French for Oh My Gosh"
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stephen is an attention hog (no finger pointing please).

A few weeks ago he started wearing his dad's old Chicago Bulls jacket to school. I remember Josh wearing it proudly in Jr. High so it was kind of cool to see that jacket "in action" again.

In addition to the jacket Stephen has been sporting a black leather fanny pack. I thought this fashion statement would blow over quickly. I mean really...How long can a fashion statement consisting of skinny jeans, Converse All Stars, a rock star studded belt, "vintage" Bulls jacket and a fanny pack last?

Much to my surprise, a couple weeks ago at church Pastor Bruce used a black leather fanny pack as a sermon prop. I haven't seen a fanny pack in years and now I see 2 in 2 weeks?!?!

I hoped Bruce had mugged my kid on the way to Sunday School and stole that stupid black fanny pack. Maybe Bruce saw Stephen proudly displaying the fanny pack and thought "Wow! God wants me to use that fanny pack in my sermon today! May I use your fanny pack to preach the good word Stephen?".

Apparently God was not speaking to Bruce through Stephen's fanny pack but Bruce's own fanny pack and it also seems our pastor is above mugging teenagers at church.

Now comes the kicker...The "trifecta" if you will...A 3rd fanny pack sighting in 3 weeks.

Last night on American Idol there was a girl wearing a gold glittery FANNY PACK!!!

Is Stephen actually bringing back the fanny pack or is this some sick joke?

I'm scared to find out.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Last week Jag and Stephen got into it (I know what you're thinking..Not another Jag and Stephen Fight Club moment!!)
Stephen did something that sent Jag over the top so I sent Jag to his room and got onto Stephen.
Jag turned to me on his way down the hall with tears streaming down his face, a look of hate in his eyes and screamed "STEPHEN IS YOUR BEST CHILD!!!".
I was shocked! Not by what he said but by the choice of words he used. He didn't say "You love Stephen more than me" or "You hate me" but "Stephen is your best child!" Where did that come from?
I'm not sure if he was accusing me of favoritism or if he had just come to his own realization that Stephen is my best child (even if I had a "best child" I couldn't say it because then I would be a huge jerk...Right?).
I got down low and looked Jag in the eyes and told him that mommy doesn't have a "best child". In my head I thought "If I had a "best child" it wouldn't act anything like these two are right now!"
Now every night when Jag goes to bed I say "Who is by best child?"
Jagger replies with a grin "Stephen is!"
I then say "Yeah Jag! You got it right!" followed by a laugh and a kiss good night.
On my way out the door Jag will say"Mom!"
"What baby?" I reply.
"Dad's my favorite!"
Then I have to run to his bed and pretend to choke him while he screams "Help! Mom's gunna kill me!!!"
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