Friday, July 31, 2009
So my dog Reggie died. Tragic to some I know, but I'm not much of an "animal person" and I have grown to appreciate being a "former dog owner" rather than a dog owner.

While the kids are saying:
"It's weird not having Reggie play ball with us in the back yard..."

I'm thinking:
"Yeah, his nose isn't in my crotch every time I come out here either..."

While the kids say:
"We should give away the dog bones to someone who has a dog"

I'm thinking:
You guys should also pick up the poop on the side of the house SOMEDAY considering we haven't had a dog for like 2 WEEKS NOW!

While the kids say:
"I hope Reggie is having fun in heaven with other dogs."

I'm thinking:
Yeah RIGHT! I had to FORCE you to feed him every day and NOW you care about his feelings. 2 weeks ago you were letting him starve!

We eat dinner on the patio every night now because there isn't a dog sitting by you begging for scraps.

I am filling up the holes he dug in the yard and they won't be dug up again the next day.

My yard is mine again!

You can call me a horrible person but I prefer to think of it as looking on the "bright side".
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Monday, July 27, 2009
UGSFAW is in full swing which means Jagger does his best Jeff Dennis impersonation just as he did last year around this time (Jeff leads worship for the kids at UGSFAW).
Jag pulls out his guitar and sings at full volume the song of the day which happens to be "Mighty Deemer Lives" the correct lyrics are "My Redeemer Lives" but Jag insists I am wrong and he is right. Jag's impersonation of Jeff is spot on right, down to the occasional "C'mon church you can sing louder than that!"
Jag moves on to recite his Bible verse Ephesians 2:10....That's ALL he can remember is Ephesians 2:10. We bust out the Bible, he finds his verse and the words comes flooding back to mind complete with corresponding hand gestures.
We then finish with a deep conversation that goes a little something like this...
Jagger: (With my face in his hands he studies my face for a few seconds and says) "Mom, you better wax your face again"
Jagger: No really mom, I'm serious. (Looking more closely at my face now) Is that a zit on your face or what?
Jagger: You can just wax and everything else will be fine.
Me: Get to bed!
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Stephen (my 14 year old son) and I are very close.
For the first 6 years of his life it was usually just the two of us hanging out, talking, going to the beach etc.
Yesterday Stephen and I went to the beach alone.
We talked about how we used to go to the beach alone all the time and spend hours in the sand playing and laughing together.
Stephen and I strolled down Main Street, Stephen with his arm around my shoulder as usual, and me looking up at my little baby wondering where the time has gone.
We went to Starbucks and got passion fruit lemonade and continued down toward the water.
People kept looking at us but I didn't really pay much attention to it.
Then it dawned on me...
They think we're dating!
They're probably wondering how some pleasantly plump 30 something snagged this cute guy with a six pack and a great tan!
If hey only knew...the poor kid is stuck with me for LIFE!
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
My dog Reggie died unexpectedly on Sunday.
He had seizures off and on for the last couple months and I'm not one of those people who can drop $6,000,000 on CT Scans and other medical procedures for a dog I rescued from a shelter.
That being said, I still loved Reggie and the feeling of security he brought to our family.
Sunday we found him having a seizure in the back yard. It was obvious it had been going on for some time. The grass was worn down where he was laying and there were other "signs" that this had been going on for a while.
Sunday mornings aren't the best time to get rushed animal care. I couldn't transport him myself due to his size (90lbs) and he was thrashing around so we couldn't lift him without getting hurt ourselves.
We called Animal Control, left a voicemail and they called back about 30 minutes later while my dog lay convulsing in the yard suffering.
From the time we saw him in a seizure to the time he arrived at the Humane Society he had been seizing for 3 hours. That doesn't include the hours before we noticed it was happening.
Back in the day you could shoot your dog and put it out of it's misery "O'l Yeller style" but had I done that, I would have been arrested and fined. It would have been considered "inhumane" to kill him with a gun however I can let him suffer for 3 hours in front of my children and pay $110 to have the Humane Society kill him with a needle instead.
I just find it all very ironic.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009
I missed my gyno appointment yesterday because I have a cold.
The thought of sneezing in stirrups was just too much.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
When eating a grilled shrimp, scall0p and veggie kabob, make sure the yellow squash you are chowing into isn't a lemon wedge. It's quite a shocker at first bite.

Though you may be small in comparison and feel the need to fight dirty, it is not wise to ambush your big brother and pee on him while he is taking a shower. Payback ALWAYS sucks.

Don't call anyone "Sir" unless you are absolutely POSITIVE you are speaking to a man.

Though charcoal tablets are a great tummy ache remedy, a charcoal tablet "irruption" is not a pretty sight and can be frightening if you forgot you took charcoal tablets.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Our family is very patriotic which may come as a bit of a shock to some.

I used to think of patriotic people as old men with stories about Viet Nam or "Nam" as some would say but then I became a military wife at the age of 17 in 1994 (5 days shy of my 18th birthday GASP!)

I lived on Fort Ord which is a closed down army base in Seaside CA. I would drive in the ghost town looking base looking at the boarded up housing around me and think of all the military families who must of lived there over the years. My uncle Dave flew to serve in the Korean war from that base and I would often think of what must have gone through the soldiers minds as they waved goodbye to their families and small children, not knowing if they would ever see them again.

In 1996 I lived in Korea in a tiny apartment off base. Nobody looked like me and NOTHING was like home.

The locals ate pizza with a knife and fork, McDonald's served steamed rice and kimchi, nobody spoke English and my Korean was not the best (you would be amazed how airplane and bloody stool machine sound almost EXACTLY alike in Korean!). I couldn't EVER purchase a piece of clothing in a local store because they were made for the average Korean body type so I felt like the jolly white giant of the neighborhood.

When I took the bus to the Air Force Base I immediately felt at home...back on U.S. soil.

There were people of every color, shape and size, there was fried chicken and a Burger King on base. I could get Baskin Robins ice cream and have a casual conversation with a stranger. There was an Italian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. When you ordered fish on base they removed the head before serving it to you. It was a relief to feel like I was back home.

Occasionally we would have drills on base. Everyone...I mean EVERYONE had to act as if we were being invaded by North Korea. Armored trucks would drive by and soldiers with M16's at the ready would drive by as sirens would scream through the streets. I was often stuck in a the commissary for an hour or 2 during these drills. "NOBODY IN...NOBODY OUT!" All to serve as a reminder that though we felt like we were home, we were far from it. Our military was putting their lives in harms way to protect this tiny little country full of good people who just wanted to stay free and h0pefully reunite with their family in North Korea one day.

This Independence Day we went to an Angels game. A huge plane flew overhead that was so loud and powerful it rattled your soul. As the national anthem was sung I looked at my boys and without being asked, their hats were off and hand placed over their hearts.

We are truly blessed to be living here and blessed to have those who give so much of themselves for our freedom and the freedom of others.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009
Stephen is now in high school.
He often stays up until 1 or 2 A.M. watching T.V. or a movie, texting his friends or talking to them on the phone etc.
I usually get up around 1 or 2 to see if he is still awake and make sure the house is in order, turn off the T.V. blah blah blah.
But I digress...
Last night after youth group, Stephen and his friend Jacob were making dinner at about 9:30.
I went to bed around 10.
I wake up at around 1 A.M. as usual and see the T.V. is on, every light is on in the front part of the house and no boys are nowhere to be found.
I go turn off the T.V., go in the kitchen to find he had left one of the burners on after he cooked dinner for he and his friend (it had been on for about 4 hours).
I check the front door and the door is UNLOCKED, peak in Stephen's room to see if they had crashed in there, and still...NO BOYS TO BE FOUND!!!
Now when I was his age my mom would have called my friend's mom's to find me but things are different now.
I don't have phone numbers to the moms but I have numbers for all the friends because they all have cell phones. I call the cell phones of Stephen and his answer.
I check for status updates on facebook and myspace (again, not something my mom ever did to find out where I was or what I was doing) No status updates either.
I text Brittany (who always seems to know where Stephen is and had been with Stephen earlier at youth group) and she says he went to Jacob's house around 10:30 or 11.
By the way, texting "You wouldn't happen to know where Stephen is would you?" will not get you the mom of the year award I'm pretty sure.
By this time I'm pretty sure he is safe but still not totally sure because I haven't spoken to him myself. Well, I'm sure enough he's O.K that I start plotting his punishment.
I finally spoke to Stephen this morning and he spent the night at his friends as I thought, so now it's GAME ON!
Does anyone know when punishment becomes abuse?
I'd like to get as close to that fine line as I possibly can!
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