Wednesday, December 23, 2009
What child in their RIGHT MIND yanks on their tooth for 2 hours THIS close to Christmas?!?!?
Jagger was up watching Biggest Loser Where are They Now with a bloody rag in his hand yanking the heck out of his tooth. Mind you, this kid usually waits until the tooth is jumping out of his mouth before he will dare to touch it. Now all of the sudden he's Tom Hangs in Castaway (member he yanked his own tooth with an ice skate blade...barf)!
So finally his tooth comes out at around 11:30 at night (there are no bedtime rules on Christmas break SUE ME!).
Jagger stashes his tooth under a pillow and I realize I have NO CASH!
So Jagger got an IOU from the tooth fairy that read a little something like this...
Jagger, I have been helping out Santa this week and I ran out of cash.
Leave your tooth under your pillow and I'll come over tomorrow night.
Love, T.F.
Jag was super excited to get a letter from T.F. but what I didn't know was that my mom snuck in and put $2 under his pillow so NOW Jag thinks it's a deposit and he's getting more cash tomorrow!
Tooth Fairy crisis averted!
Then Josh asks Jag if he wants to help buy stocking stuffers for Mom.
To which Jag replies "I thought Santa stuffed the stocking."
Way to go JOSH!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
I know...shout from the roof tops! Mandy is Blogging again!!!!!
Thanks to some inspiration from Heidi G. and Kristi T. I am on the blog train again!
Not to mention my house is full of freaks who provide an abundance of blogging material...

So I was on the couch snuggling with Jagger under a nice warm fuzzy blanket when I noticed this odor emitting from my cute, sweet snuggly 7 year old baby boy.
"Do I smell B.O.?" I think to myself...
"Jag, lift up your are..." Nothing
"OK, Lift up the other arm..."
My eyes began to water as the hideous man smell came billowing from the armpit of my sweet little angel.
"Jagger!!! YOU HAVE B.O.!!!!!"
Jag turned to me with a look of excitement on his face and said "YES! I probably have black hairs under there too!!!"
Jagger runs back to my bathroom, swips a stick of Old Spice deodorant from his elbow all the way down his pits, finally stopping at his waist with a grin from ear to ear.

Merry Christmas Jagger...Santa brought you B.O. this year...
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