Tuesday, June 8, 2010
My dear sweet husband is a huge baseball freak.
Our kids have been at Huntington Valley Little League for 8 seasons now.
My eldest son was the starting catcher and team captain for the Edison Charger Freshman Team this season and my husband took every opportunity to name drop every chance he got.

"So do both of your boys play baseball Josh?"
"My oldest boy is a starter at Edison"

And suddenly, out of nowhere Josh becomes this super cool dream weaver. The light from heaven shines upon his face and all the world believes Josh can make their child a baseball prodigy. It's truly an amazing sight.

But like most addicts, Josh is constantly "chasing the high". Suddenly playing the Edison Baseball card wasn't enough. Oh No! Josh needed MORE!

The end of the Little League season drew near. By the end of the season EVERYONE knew about that kid Jagger who is a baseball freak of nature. The "Blond Bomber". The little surfer kid/switch hitter on the Crimson Tide. That tiny kid who grabs his crotch AND spits before each and every pitch.

It was then that Josh realized the rout to eternal bliss....

"I am running for VP of T-Ball" He shouted from the couch cushions!

Josh puts his name on the ballot and suddenly the quited anti-social husband I once knew transformed into MR. POPULAR.

We attend Stephen's Freshman Team Party and everywhere you turn there is SOMEONE coming up to encourage him in his quest for T-Ball glory and just like any other race of office his platform is the same as the rest. "It's not what you know but WHO you know". What better platform to run on than "Hi! I'm Stephen and Jagger's dad. Vote for ME!"

This should be interesting...
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My mom lost her job.

Her last day at work was Monday of last week so yesterday marked her first full week of being one of America's many who are currently unemployed.

Yesterday I got a call from a gentleman named Roy who owns Li's restaurant on the corner of Adams and Magnolia. Roy was in need of a regular karaoke host for Friday nights.

We have never been called on a regular or semi regular gig. We usually do private parties or events but just in the nick of time God once again provided.

It's not glamorous, it's not salary with benefits but it will be fun, close to home and ease the stress just enough.

I would love for all my blogger community and friends to come out and sing with us!

When you sit there and hear that slightly intoxicated cougar belting out "Love Shack" slightly off key just remember...That is the sound of God providing. Now I know where I get my sense of humor from.

Li's Restaurant on the corner of Adams and Magnolia in Huntington Beach

We'll be bustin a move from 9 PM to 1AM.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
I read a blog about a teacher eating school lunches for the entire year.
You can follow her journey by clicking here.
I make my kids lunches every day. I have a rule in my house that you must eat 3 different colors in a meal. Your entire plate cannot consist of variations of yellow because that is a sure fire sign you are not eating a healthy meal.
I stay away from soda at huge fattening lunches because I know I will end up snoring at my desk by 2 o'clock if I don't.
I have to wonder how many kids are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues because of their diet.
My youngest son goes to a school where the charge for hot lunch is $2.75 per meal. The meals are expensive, unhealthy and taste like crap. We could be serving much simpler lunches like sandwiches, fruit, milk and carrots which would be far less expensive and much better for you.
I remember when I was a kid, Thursday was Chili and Wacky Cake day.
I was a brat in school, but I can't help but wonder...
Would I have been a brat if I didn't have gas from the chili, constipation from the cheese on the chili and a sugar high followed by a sugar crash from the wacky cake?
Who knows!
What I do know is I left that school and went to a private school in Jr. High where there was not a hot lunch option and NO WACKY CAKE. Mysteriously my grades improved and I my behavior improved also.
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Friday, February 26, 2010
Jagger began his new baseball season and I was happy to see a couple kids on his team that go to school with him.
I live around the block from one of the moms and Jag sometimes plays with her son so we "talk" occasionally...we know each others name...we wave when we pass each other etc.
When I got in my car the other day I notices a business card in the cup holder.
Josh must have left it there..whatever...no big deal (I'm a big fan of dot dot dot in blogs by the way). I look closer at the card and it reads "Joey and Susie's mommy Jane Doe" (I have changed the names to protect the weird).
Do homemakers really get business card printed? Apparently so! Just like your standard business card an employer gets printed for you the homemaker business cards embellish on who you are and what you truly do in your 9-5.
Just like my business card suggests I am a consummate professional, hers suggested she is in love with her daily routine as a mother. If we were to be honest on our business cars mine would read "Amanda Wright...managing my personal life and updating FaceBook status from work less frequently than my colleagues (but not much less frequently)."
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Thursday, February 4, 2010
My brother and sister-in-law are hiking Half Dome in Yosemite to raise money for a cure for blood cancers.
In 2006 my brother and his good friend Danny were at a concert together when Danny felt ill during one of their favorite songs. Danny was later diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away 30 days after the concert. Danny was only 29 years old.
Please visit their website and contribute whatever you can. Please pass it along to friends and family too.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
I came across an article that talked about the musical Annie coming to the O.C. Performing Arts Center. I loved Annie as a kid. I knew all the songs by heart and I thought Jagger would like the story too so I began to tell him all about Annie.
I started by explaining how Annie was an orphan.
Me: Do you know what an orphan is Jag?
Jag: Yeah, It's an African American kid in Haiti right?
Me: (with a look of utter SHOCK on my face) No Jag, It's a child that doesn't have a mommy or a daddy. (Then I immediately think about blogging about it).
Sometimes kids know more than you think.
Sometimes kids don't know as much as you think they do.
Either way, the parents always looks stupid (and sometimes racist) in the end.
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Monday, January 4, 2010
So begins a new year, new resolutions and new ideas on how to cheat your way through accomplishing those resolutions.
Josh and I have come to the conclusion that I am done birthing children which means Snippity Doo Dah for Josh (What a trooper). If I want another baby I'll go adopt one. Besides, I have a white kid, brown kid and I'm thinking I would go for another color this time. The family from the new move The Blind Side had the right idea. Adopt a good underprivileged kid who is almost grown then he becomes a rich football player.
So back to the nitty gritty...now that I am certain my body won't endure any further mutilation at the hands of infants, I am contemplating plastic surgery (GASP!)
I got pregnant with Stephen at 17 which means I have lived my entire adult life with a stomach that looks straight out of a horror movie. It's fascinating to me how much I love billowing white creamy filling bursting from an Oreo but the creamy white filling busting out of my jeans makes me want to vomit!
So this year I will lose 10 pounds, save $5,000, save up 2 weeks of vacation time then get my tummy tucked.
Next year I will adopt my almost grown/almost a rich athlete child, make a move, appear on ESPN like a thousand times and walk up with Ashley Judd to accept the Oscar for playing me so well in the movie about me.
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