Wednesday, March 17, 2010
I read a blog about a teacher eating school lunches for the entire year.
You can follow her journey by clicking here.
I make my kids lunches every day. I have a rule in my house that you must eat 3 different colors in a meal. Your entire plate cannot consist of variations of yellow because that is a sure fire sign you are not eating a healthy meal.
I stay away from soda at huge fattening lunches because I know I will end up snoring at my desk by 2 o'clock if I don't.
I have to wonder how many kids are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues because of their diet.
My youngest son goes to a school where the charge for hot lunch is $2.75 per meal. The meals are expensive, unhealthy and taste like crap. We could be serving much simpler lunches like sandwiches, fruit, milk and carrots which would be far less expensive and much better for you.
I remember when I was a kid, Thursday was Chili and Wacky Cake day.
I was a brat in school, but I can't help but wonder...
Would I have been a brat if I didn't have gas from the chili, constipation from the cheese on the chili and a sugar high followed by a sugar crash from the wacky cake?
Who knows!
What I do know is I left that school and went to a private school in Jr. High where there was not a hot lunch option and NO WACKY CAKE. Mysteriously my grades improved and I my behavior improved also.
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