Thursday, January 29, 2009
Josh is once again managing Jagger's baseball team.

Last weekend Josh and Jag sat and figured out their team choices for this season.

The final decision was
1. Angels (Hello!!!)
2. Red Sox
3. Yankees
4. Mets (I love David Wright and it would be so cute to see a mini Wright #2 on the field)
5. Nationals (That was a random pick and I have no idea why the Nats were in the running)

This year the returning managers draw numbers and get to choose the team logo they will proudly wear this season.

Last night Josh drew the number 5 which didn't look too good. He worried that all the good teams would be taken and they would actually be the Nationals.

As luck would have it the coaches who drew numbers 3 & 4 were a Cubs fan and a Dodger fan.
Long story short...Jagger is going to be a Yankee this year.

We are not Yankee fans but there is a certain sense of pride you get when daunting those Yankee pinstripes.

As soon as Jag found what team he was on he picked his number...25 because our beloved Mark Teixeira will be wearing a Yankee uniform this year (I tear up as I type this blog).

The draft strategy was much harder to come up with. Josh knew a lot of our players from last season went to another league or moved up a division. There was nobody on the list that we recognized.

Stephen in his infinite wisdom suggest Josh pick the kids with Hispanic last names. Don't get all "Mandy is prejudice" on me. The logic behind the suggestion was...Stephen has a Hispanic last name and he's a good ball player plus almost all of our favorite pro ball players are from the Dominican Republic.

The idea might actually work! Not to mention most of the white dads come to practice in a suite and think that we play baseball so everyone can have a good time not necessarily to win (Whatever!). Every time our team has lost a game and we give the kids that "at least we all had fun" line, the kids look at us like we are a bunch of morons. The truth is little Tommy was chasing after the ice cream truck when he was supposed to be on 2nd base and little Bobby was too busy holding his mommy's leg to catch the ball.

The season hasn't even really begun and I'm already exhausted.

But as long as we all have fun, that's all that matters right?
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Monday, January 26, 2009
I sat in the stall and realize a hear a man's voice.
"What the heck!?" (I tend to say that a lot) "Did I actually go in the wrong bathroom?"
I start to think of a way to sneak out of the bathroom without anyone noticing.
I peak under the door and look around to see if I recognize the shoes in the bathroom but I don't see any shoes!
Maybe I was hearing voices in my head...Maybe I'm going crazy.
I realize after a few seconds that the jazz music that plays in the bathroom is actually a jazz radio station and the voice I heard was the radio announcer.
Awkward moment averted!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009
I debated weather I should share my stories sometimes. I don't want to offend anyone but I have to believe I am not the only mother trying to raise God fearing Christian children with these types of issues.

I digress...

Stephen is my "instigator" for sure. He knows exactly what will set Jagger off and he enjoys watching his little brother get in trouble for getting out of control and retaliating.

Jagger being much younger feels the need to fight dirty because he is so much smaller than Stephen he knows if there is any shot at winning a fight the fight must be dirty. We often see Jagger "Hulk out" and turn dark green as his shirt starts tearing off his body.

Last night while out shopping for shoes the boys got into it....again. All I know is that while I was looking for a the right shoe size I hear Stephen start to giggle and Jagger has somehow ended up on the floor crying.

Embarrassed and VERY angry, Jagger turns to Stephen and yells as loud as he can A-- H*!3!!!

Jagger then looks at me with the fear of God in his eyes, begins sobbing uncontrollably and attempts to walk out of the store by himself.

All you could hear was the chirping of crickets and me gasping for air.

In the dead silence irrational thoughts begin to rush through my head...

Should I walk him around the store and ask people if they have seen this child's mother?
What is the best soap I can shove in his mouth that won't kill him but will make him wish he were dead?
If Bob from The Biggest Loser hadn't gotten so mad at that lazy woman on the treadmill Jagger never would have heard those types of words and non of this would have happened!
Can I get someone to stand in front of that security camera so I can beat my child in private?

The silence is broken by a giggle from Stephen followed by "DUDE...You are SOOOO in trouble!"

I drag them both to the check out counter by their ears and vow never to return to that store again.

I am starting to run out of stores at this point...
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
I had an interesting conversation with my son last night...

Stephen: Walking toward me he asks "So did you mess up with those guys?"
Me: What?
Stephen: Did you mess up with those guys?! (with a more aggravated tone)
Me: I have no idea what you are talking about Stephen! What guys?
Stephen: Wait..What were we talking about?...Never mind.
Me: You just woke up after talking to me in your sleep didn't you
Stephen: Yeah, I think so...Goodnight Mom!

Stephen then turns toward the sliding glass door to go to bed. He almost runs into the sliding glass door before realizes his room is in the other direction.

Yes, I could have helped him to his room but I was curious to see how this thing played out.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Yesterday I stayed home with a cold.
As I sit at the computer to checking emails I feel 2 little eyes staring at me.
It's Jag. He asks if he can go on
I tell him to wait a few minutes until I'm finished.
I then blow my nose as I have been doing the entire day.
Jag looks at me with disgust and says "I do NOT wanna see THAT!"
"Me neither" I reply.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009
I updated my BFF Heather on the latest chapters of my "Mandy Tell All" book last night.
We were picking the cast for the subsequent romantic comedy which is sure to come following the enormous success from the book.
We have decided that my husband will be played by none other than Kevin James, Stephen will be played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jagger will be played by one of those kids on the sweet life of Zach and Cody. It might take both kids to play Jag cuz he's a little psycho at times and I'm sure there are child labor laws preventing children from acting psycho for long periods of time.
My character on the other hand is more difficult to cast. I have been told I look like Wynonna Judd. Seriously people...of all the Judd's do I have to be the chubby one with man problems? I resolve to think it's because I sing with my mother often and for a time I had long red hair...Oh, and I was chubbier at the time too. Wow! I guess I did look like Wynonna! Sadly I have not been compared to Ashley Judd since the weight loss but I would have to loose about 50 more pounds for that comparison and a possibly make a few visits to Dr. 90210.
You faithful readers know me probably more than you ever wanted to.
I know you have someone to play my character already in your head so just say it already. You may be basing your pick on personality or looks or both. That's OK. If you're thinking Queen Latifa right now, THAT'S OK! I happen to love her non nonsense attitude and great sense of style.
Other casting suggestions for my mom or the kids are also welcome. We haven't "inked" the deal yet.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Over the weekend I drove down Adams toward Brookhurst with my mom in tow. We passed by the empty Mervyn's building on my left. The familiar words came to mind "Mom, wanna stop by Mervyn's?" but those words I will never speak again.

Yesterday I paid homage to the departed retailer by wearing an entire Mervyn's ensemble including shirt, shoes and pants. I recalled the purchase of every piece of clothing like it was yesterday. $7 shoes on clearance, $20 pants, $10 top and all were suitable for work.

Oh how I will miss her clearance racks full of thrifty treasures to behold.

I will miss stopping by in need of a cute shirt for $10 to wear just because I feel like getting a new shirt today.

I will miss the occasional gift card at Christmas or my birthday.

I fear I may never purchase an entire business casual outfit for under $40 ever again.

Kohls snuck in like a thief in the night to destroy Mervyn's with Vera Wang clothing, then finished her off with a makeup and fragrance counter rivaling that of WalMart!

It sickens me!
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Monday, January 5, 2009
Yesterday Josh decided to take us all out for a surprise after church.

Josh isn't very good at keeping a secret for very long.

For example;
One year, the day before Thanksgiving Josh came to work and gave me a diamond necklace he had bought me for Christmas. He couldn't wait. Once it was in his hot little hands he had to rush over and give it to me. He's the cutest!

Anyway... we got on the 405 North and drove into Long Beach.
Josh HATES L.A. County with a PASSION so I knew he was really going out of his way to give us a good surprise.

He would periodically glance at his map quest sheet he brought with him. Then he'd look around...then glance at the paper again.

He finally confessed "I think I missed the turn!"

We guided him to 730 Broadway and stopped in front of ROSCOE'S CHICKEN 'N WAFFLES!

The thought of Chicken and Waffles was scary yet intriguing.

If it's good enough for Snoop Dogg then it's good enough for me!

About 1 hour and 50,000,000 calories later we drove home. We all crashed on the couch with a fried chicken hangover.

Now I am sure there will be fried chicken and waffles in heaven.

Can I get a AMEN!
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