Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jagger is on the Fountain Valley Pony Baseball All Star team for the Shetland A team.

Last night they had practice from 6 to 8.

The air is thick with testosterone while all the fathers stand on the side line, chest out, watching the best of the best in the Shetland division play ball as a team.

Last night I made the mistake of leaving Josh alone with the other dad's while I grabbed a pizza for us to eat on the sidelines.

There is one dad in particular that always talks to Josh about the way Jagger plays and how he would love for Jagger to be on the football team with his son because they are both so good at sports and they play really well together. They start talking about what they do for a living and Josh finds out that his new found buddy is an architect. He knows some MLB stars as a result of his occupation and has even had a couple over to his house on 4 acres in Corona.

As Josh salivates over the name dropping Mr. "Architect Dad" asks Josh if he goes fishing.

For some reason Josh says YES!

Architect Dad: Lakes or ponds?

Josh: Lakes

Architect dad: You should come out to my Corona house! I have a man made lake that I just filled with trout!

Josh: Sounds Great!

Last time Josh went fishing was probably in elementary school at a fish hatchery in Hesperia!

I tried to explain the winning a gold fish by throwing ping pong balls in a bowl at the O.C. Fair does not count as "fishing".

"How do you expect to pull this off" I asked.

You can't show up with a Sponge Bob fishing pole, cheese bait, a dorky hat and pass as a real fisherman! He could try and convince Architect Dad the he learned to fish from black bears and only catches them with his teeth but that probably wouldn't work either.

Thankfully Josh has found a solution to the dilemma he has gotten himself into.

He gave his usual response when faces with a challenge.

"I'll Google it!"

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Thursday, May 14, 2009
When Jagger was 2 months old he sat on his dad's lap and watch the Angels play ball and eventually win the World Series in 2002.
He would watch the screen and study the players like a little old man.
I didn't think much of it at the time but there were warning signs I just ignored.
When Jagger was about 12 months old he was already a huge baseball fan.
He would wear this hard Spider Man mask and pretend he was a catcher. He would squat in the living room then flip the mask off to catch an imaginary pop fly behind the plate. He didn't always catch the imaginary ball in the air either which was more strange. Somehow he would miss then get frustrated, then walk up to the imaginary pitcher and discuss how to pitch to the next guy.
Jagger slept with a baseball glove until he was about 4. If we left the house without we would suffer greatly
By the time Jagger was 2 he could tell you the names of every player on the Angels.
By the time he was 3 he knew the batting order and the players' positions.
One day I came home to find Jagger crying. I asked what was wrong and to my surprise he was crying because Benji Molina had been traded to the Giants.
He knows who is on the D.L., how they got injured and when they are due back.
He always knows who is the starting pitcher for the game on any given day.
He begins most sentences with "If I were Mike Socia I would..."
Every morning he wakes up and turns on Sports Center.
And for some reason Jagger prefers to watch the game through the bars of a catcher's mask.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
We played probably the best team in Jagger's division on Friday.
I know what you're thinking...Their 6 and they probably don't even care if hey win, as long as somebody's mom brings a good snack. You are right on sooo many levels but our coaches have been put down all season by complaining parents and it's to the point where the coaches don't even care anymore.
Friday we started the game in a funk as usual. The coaches were all going through the motions and by the second inning we were already down 8 to 0. With the Red Sox up by 8 one of our beloved coaches gave a pep talk to the boys. The best batter on the Red Sox got up to bat. He hits a ground ball to 3rd and Jagger feilds it and makes the throw to 1st for the out. We managed to get out of the inning and the Sox didn't score a single run.
We score a few at our at bat then we shut down the Sox in the 4th inning!
In the bottom of the 6th (our final inning) we are down by 2 with the bottom of our lineup coming up to bat.
We have a boy on first base and we ground out into a double play. We're all thinking this will be it. The Sox will get the 3rd out and we'll lose by 2 runs.
Out of nowhere, the boys who never really hit well and always ditch practice start hitting!
One of our coaches walks to the stands to tell our parents to start cheering these boys on (seems like common sense but they were speechless).
Now we are at the top of the order and boys on base. WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DO THIS!
With bases loaded one of our boy's who has struggled this year hits a walk off single to win the game.
The kids go crazy, the parents are screaming and for the first time in a long time there will be no complaint emails!
Josh and the coaches tell the boys how great they did while the team eats their well deserved snacks.
The coaches, all wearing their sunglasses to hide the tears of joy.
Every game should be like that.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
I am willing to admit that I may not be the most qualified to give parenting advice but there are some things that just don't make sense.
But I digress...
We have boy on the team who was blessed with a baby sister about 3 months ago.
His mom NEVER comes to this boy's games because the new baby is too fussy, there are too many germs, mommy is too tired because of the baby, blah blah blah. This kid probably hates this baby now because he's been kicked to the curb now that this precious baby is in the picture. Who could blame the kid right?
This same child completely freaks out when he gets the smallest little scrape. I assumed it was the best way for him to get attention because after all, the new baby gets all the attention now.
Last night the boy was on his way to the outfield when he sneezed a couple times. No big deal, just a couple sneezes. Boy was I wrong! The dad yells to the players on the bench "somebody get ready to go in for my son! He's sneezing and he may have to be pulled out of the game!"
We have another child on the team who is a good player but he doesn't slide when he's supposed to. Coach Josh asks him why he doesn't slide to which he responds "My mom doesn't want me to get my uniform dirty".

I may not be an expert but there are a few things all boys need in addition to the basics (Basics being Jesus, food & water. Some of you may be thinking clothing & education also but most boys I know would do just fine in a world full of stupid naked people)

Boys need their mom to be their biggest fan
Boys need bumps and bruises
Boys need to get dirty
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Monday, May 4, 2009
Well Saturday I went to Hollywood for round 3 of my audition for The Singing Bee (A.K.A. The Looking Stupid In Front Of Strangers game show).
There were about 1000 people who auditioned at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio and they only picked 25 to move on to the 3rd round.
This show is about your ability to remember lyrics NOT singing ability which is good because I'm guessing my rendition of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers would have been considered a horrible song choice by Simon Cowell. Anyway…I was sitting in the room and this girl walked in that looked familiar. I realized she was on American Idol last season. Her name is Mishavonna Henson. Why the heck would a former A.I. contestant what to do this game show, but SHE DID!
Here’s her picture for those of you who are AI fans and are dying to know who I am talking about…
After a while I went into yet another concrete room with no windows and played a mini version of the game show in front of a couple casting directors and a video taping guy.
This was a welcome change as I had spent 3 hours in a room with a casting director who couldn't seem to stop dropping names in transparent attempt to win cool points with the ladies.
He'd say things like "Lindsay and Paris are crazy party girls" WOW! I would have never known that if it weren't for your testimony and every gossip magazine at the grocery store! Please tell me more!!!!
So back to the show...
6 of us lined up in a row and the producer would play a song then stop it at some point. We would all raise our hands and the first one to raise their hand got to finish the lyrics. If that person got it wrong then you could finish it by being the first to raise your hand. I tried to give them what I knew they wanted…I cheered when I got one right…I was overtly bummed when I missed one.
The bad news is Joey Fatone won't host the show...The good news is Billy Rey Cyrus won't host the show either. Frankly, I'm keepin my fingers crossed for Kelly Pickler.
I'll know soon if I'm in or out.
Most of the people that got through at Stagecoach were drunk when they first auditioned so who knows how they did without the liquid courage.
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