Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My boys are 13 and 6 years old. Many people wonder if they are close because of their age difference which is a valid question. Fortunately my boys are very close and I know they are close because they wrestle all the time. Siblings who aren't close are never around each other but I can't keep my boys away from each other. If one gets in trouble the other always tries to bail him out. The Wright brothers are often sent to opposite ends of the house so they will stop but it never works. My husband is afraid that the Stephen will hurt Jagger because he is so much bigger but Jagger fights dirty so I worry more about Stephen getting hit where it counts.

Over the last few days I have noticed that it has been alarmingly quiet in my house. I thought that I had finally gotten them to quit wrestling and somehow my boys would do what I say when ever I say. We would all run in fields of wild flowers and live happily ever after.

As I walked back to see what these sweet quite boys were up to, the super mom feelings quickly vanished as I see them wrestling in complete silence.

Yes, someone will get hurt but what would boys have to brag about if they didn't have scars?
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