Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Josh and I met with Jag's teacher this morning. Stephen had the same teacher when he was in second grade and we were surprised that she remembered him.. I mean, it was 7 years ago.
She said "I got to see Stephen a couple weeks ago when he was frantically looking for Jagger but Jagger had walked home with someone and nobody knew where he was or who he was with".
"Yes, I remember that day" was all I could reply.
That was the day when the entire school realized I am a horrible parent. My strategy is simple...Lower the expectations the other mom's have of me so they stop asking me to be on the PTA. So far it's working.
So Josh got to sit in a "big people" chair while I sit in child size chairs waiting for the good, bad and ugly.
I was taken aback to see some of the kids chairs had seat cushions on them. Do kids REALLY need a seat cushion at school? Are their buns so tender they can't sit in a regular school chair like I did my entire childhood? No wonder some of these kids cry when you look at them!
But I digress...
Jag is in advanced math but his story writing skills are lacking (HELLO! Left brain right brain!!!).
He rushes sometimes so he can go to recess (I do the same thing around lunch time...who cares!).
Jag is very popular and all the teachers adore him. One of the third grade teachers has dibs on getting Jag in her class next year (Oh yeah...he's a butt kisser).
The way I see it, he'll be able to balance his check book, he will be too lazy to think up some dramatic story about where he's been all night, and he's already learned you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar.
He's gunna be just fine!
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At November 1, 2009 at 8:14 AM, Blogger Rick said........
Major League baseball players don't need writing skills. Math skills, however, are important to make sure his agent isn't cheating him. Of course, if I were honored to be his agent, I would never cheat him.

At November 5, 2009 at 6:02 PM, Anonymous Heidi said........
I love it! And I love your strategy about staying off the PTA. It's brilliant.