Thursday, August 28, 2008
My husbans's brother Matt just got back to the US from Iraq about a month ago and has been visiting us this week.
He got married "on the sly" before he was deployed which I figured out because we women just have ways of finding out these things. It's called paying attention to detail! Here's the cliffs notes version...Matt was in the car with us on the way to LAX and he asked his "girlfriend" if she had remembered her military id card when he was talking to her on the cell phone...I said "Holy Cow! You got married didn't you???" You don't get a military id card for being a girlfriend. Josh says what are you talking about blah blah blah. Matt confessed and the rest is history. Now back to the girl
Now I finally get to meet this mystery girl named Tiffany from Ohio. She's a cute blond who looks like a little O.C. bikini girl but with one huge difference. She is suuuuuper sweet, smart, and low maintenance! I totally love her and she loves us. Tiffany spent tons of time with the boys and asked if I had beaten them or something because they were sooo good when she and Matt took them to the beach. That was a proud moment, probably because their good behavior didn't require a beating (wink wink)
They left last night to go back to Hesperia for a few days and I came home to a thank you not of the fridge from Tiffany.
We need more girls like her on the west coast!
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