Monday, December 8, 2008
My sister-in-law got married a couple of years ago. Jagger was the ring bearer and Allie was the flower girl which is the dream job of all dream jobs when you're 5.

I was a brides maid in the wedding and it was hard to fight back the tears as I watched the two walk up the isle together toward me holding hands. Jagger in his black tuxedo and Allie in her white gown were picture perfect and I was the proudest mom/step-mom you've ever seen...

My tears of joy turn to uncontrollable laughter as the unthinkable happens right before my eyes...

Notice the cute little children walking up the steps in our 1st photo. We will call this "Exhibit A". Jagger is covering his face with the ring bearer pillow because he is embarrassed by everyone giggling at how cute they are. Now because Jag is covering his eyes he steps on his sisters dress which enrages Allie because after all, this is her shining moment as a flower girl. The poor groom tries in vein to help them up the steps. The crowd begins to laugh as Jagger trips both
himself and his sister. So what does Jagger do???

Notice our 2nd picture of a pillow sitting alone on a step. We will call this photo "Exhibit B". In a fit of rage, Jagger walks to his place and stand where he knows he's supposed to be. Jagger then hurls the pillow toward the crowd and sits Indian style on the stage for the rest of the ceremony.

My sister-in-law should have known better.
Only 10 months prior Jagger was in another wedding where he had diarrhea in his white tuxedo right after the ceremony and before the wedding photos were taken.

I know some of you may think I'm making this stuff up which is why I must now provide pictures to corroborate my stories.
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At December 8, 2008 at 11:47 PM, Blogger Heidi said........
As always, your stories do NOT disappoint... hilarious!