Tuesday, November 18, 2008
As many of you know I am a personal insurance agent. I have been getting many calls from clients and friends asking for advise on how to best prepare for a home fire.

Often we resort to the coulda, shoulda, woulda reactionary method which is obviously not the best approach.

  1. Make sure your home policy limits are high enough to rebuild your home. Many who lost homes in the fires do not have enough insurance money to rebuild their home and most companies will not give you the cash value of the policy. The fine print in your policy says "It is the policy holder's responsibility to know the actual cost of construction for the home insured on this policy". I am happy to help you with this if you need me.
  2. Make a videotape of the items in your home and store in a location away from your home. Go through your garage, closets, etc. and make a record of all your belongings. When you need to itemize the things you lost in a fire, you will be glad you had a "memory jogger" to help. How could you possibly remember everything you had in your house without a tool to help you along.
  3. Keep copies of all your important documents away from your home. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and copies of tax filings for the last few years will be extremely helpful to have after a fire. I recommend keeping copies at a friend or family members home but also keep a PDF copy on a file in your email. That way you can access them quickly from any computer.
  4. Sit and think about what would be the most important things you would need if you were evacuated then make a list. People grab the strangest things when they are in a panic. Having a list will help you feel in control of the situation and you will be better prepared for the situation if it ever happens to you.

That is my professional advise for what it's worth. I could go on and on but that would be boring.

I'm also happy to get quotes for you. Tis the season to save money...

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