Tuesday, April 21, 2009
So my friend's husband works out of the country from time to time. My friend Francesca (I have changed the names in this story to protect the not-so innocent) is very social and outgoing. Francesca's husband is an engineer scientist type who likes things more quiet and orderly. Since the hubby is out of town, Francesca invited a few of us girls over for a girls night at her house. This works out well because Francesca gets to be with the girls and the hubby doesn't have to deal with it.
I'll supply the karaoke machine, there are probably going to be a couple chick flicks on had, and it is always very loud when we all get together. Not really the ideal situation for an introvert engineer so he is very glad to be gone while the house is taken over by cackling women.
When I got home last night Josh said he saw an evite from Francesca and asked if I was going to go and possible spend the night. I said I probably would just crash there so I didn't have to drive home late.
Little Jagger pipes up and asks me "Are you guys gunna have a pillow fight?" This question is promptly followed by a "Yeah Dawg! That's what I'm talkin bout!" from Josh.
Jagger probably didn't know what he was talking about and Josh is well...Josh.
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At April 21, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Blogger Sarah B. said........
Ok..so my Ashley (who is 6) was thinking of having a non-stay over slumber party. Basically they come in their P.J.'s at 6 and leave by 9pm. She asks "So even if they aren't going to really stay the night it is a sleepover so we still get to have pillow fights, right?" She has been hanging out with the boys too much. How do they hear this stuff?

Oh yeah, and boys never change..even when they are supposedly men..nope, still boys.