Friday, August 28, 2009
Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and Josh and I are lucky enough to have 4 day weekend so as many people do, we are going to have 1 last horah before the summer ends.
We thought about many places and we kept coming back to good ol' VEGAS.
I haven't been to "Sin City" since I was pregnant with Jagger. Josh worked for Frito Lay at the time and they had a huge banquet, fully paid for and Penn and Teller did a private magic show for the Frito employees and their guests. Chips tasted soooo sweet back in those days.
Frito gave Josh a pager...yeah PAGER! Look it up kids. The pager number was 1-800-FRITO-40. The #4 is also the letter H on your phone key pad so for years we said his pager # was 1-800-Frito Ho....anyway...
We decided to take the kids to Vegas but to be honest I have no idea what to do in Vegas with kids! I know Stephen would like to go "clubbin" with Paris Hilton and K. Fed but that's just not gunna happen.
One good thing is most of the people pool side are either drunk or hung over and I happen to look fabulous if you're wearing beer goggles!
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