Saturday, February 28, 2009
I took Friday off because Jag was sick. He stayed home from school with me (against his will...Why would a school give an attendance award if they don't want sick kids to come to school??? Just askin!) Jag was much better by the afternoon which meant my day was part good mommy snuggle time and part cleaning maniac.
I decided to tackle the car...
We have 2 cars but we pretty much only drive our small car because Josh works the night shift so when he gets home from work in the morning I drive that car to work. Our other car is a GAS HOG too so as a result our "little car" is used and abused.
Jag helped me change the burned out tail light because Jag, much like his mother, takes every opportunity he can to break out the tool belt.
Jag, being the little helper he is also volunteered to vacuum for me while I tried to figure out what the heck was in the bottom of the cup holders in the car . Jag "compact" and can get into those tight spaces easier than I could so he was hired to vacuum.
When I opened the back seat I was mortified! I never look in the back seat, never sit in the back seat, and I try to forget the back seat even exists.
At work we go to a Mexican restaurant every Thursday and I usually drive the 4 of us there.
I can't believe my co-workers volunteered to sit in that filth! I can't believe they ASK ME to drive not knowing what may lurk within my back seat this week!
I paid Jag $5 for doing such a good job vacuuming and later found out he had gathered about $3 in change he found in the car while helping. $8 isn't bad for a 6 year old in this tough economy. He might want to think about keeping this gig.
So now I want to take this moment to issue a public apology to all who have ridden in, sat or thought about sitting in my back seat. I seriously had no idea it was that bad.
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At February 28, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Blogger Rick said........
obviously people are willing to endure quite a bit to bask in your presence (or let you spend YOUR gas)