Wednesday, May 13, 2009
We played probably the best team in Jagger's division on Friday.
I know what you're thinking...Their 6 and they probably don't even care if hey win, as long as somebody's mom brings a good snack. You are right on sooo many levels but our coaches have been put down all season by complaining parents and it's to the point where the coaches don't even care anymore.
Friday we started the game in a funk as usual. The coaches were all going through the motions and by the second inning we were already down 8 to 0. With the Red Sox up by 8 one of our beloved coaches gave a pep talk to the boys. The best batter on the Red Sox got up to bat. He hits a ground ball to 3rd and Jagger feilds it and makes the throw to 1st for the out. We managed to get out of the inning and the Sox didn't score a single run.
We score a few at our at bat then we shut down the Sox in the 4th inning!
In the bottom of the 6th (our final inning) we are down by 2 with the bottom of our lineup coming up to bat.
We have a boy on first base and we ground out into a double play. We're all thinking this will be it. The Sox will get the 3rd out and we'll lose by 2 runs.
Out of nowhere, the boys who never really hit well and always ditch practice start hitting!
One of our coaches walks to the stands to tell our parents to start cheering these boys on (seems like common sense but they were speechless).
Now we are at the top of the order and boys on base. WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DO THIS!
With bases loaded one of our boy's who has struggled this year hits a walk off single to win the game.
The kids go crazy, the parents are screaming and for the first time in a long time there will be no complaint emails!
Josh and the coaches tell the boys how great they did while the team eats their well deserved snacks.
The coaches, all wearing their sunglasses to hide the tears of joy.
Every game should be like that.
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At May 13, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Blogger Rick said........
you've just described the only scenario where I could be happy that the Yankees beat the Red Sox

At May 14, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Blogger Heidi said........
Sounds like an awesome game - YAY!!!