Monday, June 1, 2009
I haven't blogged in a while and I have been scolded by many for slacking off.
My family went to Salem Oregon to visit our favorite place in the world and visit family we miss so much.
First we stopped in Astoria and literally slept under a bridge (o.k. it was actually a Holiday Inn Express below a bridge)
Josh's dad has twin foster kids who are 4 named Jade and Jace (a boy and a girl).
They were so cute and extremely well behaved. Little Jace loved hanging out with Jag and Stephen or "the big boys" as he called them.
We all walked down to the docs to watch the seals lay in the sun and bark at us.
By the end of the day Jag and Stephen were begging us to keep them as if they were puppies, and we probably would have kept them if we could.

Jagger had open house at school and there was a little book he wrote called "All About Jagger".
Jagger is a great little writer with exceptional penmanship but he "embellishes" slightly.

His book included things like
  1. I'm a great swimmer (He actually hated to be in any kind of water until last year and he gets extremely frustrated because he doesn't swim well)
  2. We have a huge plasma T.V. (Both t.v.'s in our house are probably about 100 years old. One of them was used and cost $20)
  3. I used to sleep with my mom but not anymore (Josh works nights and Jagger ALWAYS sleeps with me. It's all part of my evacuation plan. In case of a fire it would be much easier to grab the kid next to you first then find the other one instead of having to hunt down both kids in thick black smoke.)

Both boys are on all-stars so we are now forking out tons of cash, going to tons of games all over California. Jagger is telling everyone that he's going to play in different countries like Anaheim. It's hard to explain to a kid that Anaheim is in America when most of the signs are in Spanish.

Josh has missed his co-coach a lot now that the regular baseball season is over. They used to sit at the pizza parties and scout the other kids in the room to prepare the draft strategy for next year. I warned them it might not be a good idea to sit at a pizza parlor and talk about little boys all night but they never listen to me.

That's the short version of the events of late.

I'll keep you posed :)

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At June 1, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Blogger Heidi said........
I'm sorry for scolding you...

And I'm glad you blogged again.

The blogosphere isn't the same without your brilliance.

Love you my friend. You've been missed.

: )