Monday, September 15, 2008
So my day begins as every other...I stick my nose near Jagger's mouth to make sure he brushed his teeth...I remind Stephen he only gets $5 for lunches for the week (Why he doesn't pocket the $5 and pack a lunch is beyond me). I drop Jag off at school and then enjoy listening to anything I want on the radio for about 20 minutes.

Every radio station has a commercial so I change it to KFI 640 "more stimulating talk radio" and to my surprise I hear that AIG is in trouble. For those of you who don't know, AIG is like the largest company in El Mundo and I have placed many of my affluent clients insurance portfolio with AIG. Apparently affluent people like to read such things as The Wall Street Journal (notice my sarcastic tone).

I get to my desk, see the message light flashing and know immediately that I am in for a lot of work talking people off a ledge. My conversations are filled with words like "surplus", "reserves", "solvent", "capacity" blah blah blah. I almost pass for a financial genius by the end of the conversation!

I come to realize that my clients truly respect my opinion and trust me. My entire business is based upon protecting ones assets from a personal law suite and so far I have not had one client have to pay for a claim out of pocket because they didn't have enough insurance to protect them from the great unknown.

I've also realized that these high powered (so they think) business men & women place their entire value on what Wall Street says they are worth. Even though these people may have $20,000,000 in property alone, they still flip out over money. In fact, they flip out worse that I ever would!

I don't try to buy love or happiness because I usually only have enough money to buy gas and groceries.

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At September 15, 2008 at 3:20 PM, Blogger Kristi said........ I found your blog! I love it.

Now - on to business. I know you aren't my insurance person, but seriously...our life insurance is with AIG. I still have life insurance?